50 Business opportunities You Can Start With Little Capital and Make Huge Profit

50 Business opportunities You Can Start With Little Capital and Make Huge Profit50 Business opportunities You Can Start With Little Capital and Make Huge Profit

There are numerous business opportunities that you can start with little capital and yet make a mind-boggling profit. The good thing is, you can create any of these businesses from anywhere, even your backyard.

However, you have to be confident about what you’re going into. For instance, what kind of business appeals to you? Are you a people person, or do you like working alone?. There are millions of companies in the world that started right from home, and they grow to become multi-national companies.

Such companies like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Amazon, among others, got started from the garage, and today, there are top multi-national companies in the world.

Many lucrative businesses can get you started in that path, and this article will guide you adequately. Are you ready?

Agricultural Sector

 Agribusiness is a goldmine that has been overlooked by many. Those who happen to end up in the field are racking millions every year from their produce. There are lots of agricultural businesses that you can start and make a lot of money. 

All you have to do is ensure you begin with a business plan and choose an ideal location nearest your target market. Some high profitable agricultural business that you can start include:


The fashion industry is one of the secret goldmines in Nigeria, and you don’t need to be a fashionista to make money. 

Think about it, everyone wears clothes and wants to look good. Due to this urge to fit in and be admired, many spend thousands and millions of money looking fashionable.

To tap into the fashion industry, there are lots of exciting businesses that you can do. They include:

  • Hairdressing and beauty-care
  • Barbing saloon
  • Fashion design/tailoring
  • Mass making of T-shirts and Face-cap.

Cleaning Services

We live in a fast transiting world where many people can’t afford to do their laundry or take out their trash. Due to work and parental responsibilities, many are ready to pay any amount of money to have someone else clean the house, do the laundry, and take out the trash.

It is a million-dollar industry, and you will never regret delving into a business opportunity such as this. Cleaning services come in diverse forms, like:

  • Laundry service
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Carpet/ Upholstery cleaning
  • Car wash.


There are many routes to making a considerable profit, and one of them is being a producer. If you can produce anything, then you have the potential to make a lot of money by creating what you love. It could be baking your favourite cookie or even inventing a delicious delicacy out of scratch. Some production business opportunities that you can start include:

  • Bread production
  • Plantain chip and Chin-chin/
  • Groundnut production
  • Making of cakes and Snacks
  • Wine production
  • Candle making
  • Chalk making
  • Fruit Juice production
  • Yoghurt production and cream production
  • Selling of Ice Block
  • Blocks making for construction
  • Bagged water and table
  • Leather production/shoes and bags making


We eat every day, whether we like it or not. It has made the food industry one of the most profitable businesses that you can start from anywhere. You can create a small canteen food business or perhaps establish a fast food restaurant.

  • Restaurant/Canteen
  • Outdoor catering service
  • Selling of Foodstuff

Publishing and printing

There is a lot that happens when it comes to publishing, from printing customized t-shirts to books, complimentary cards, and more like:

  • Publishing, the printing of books, calendars, cards, brochures, newsletter and magazine
  • Recharge card printing and selling

Service Businesses

The service industry is gigantic, comprising of hundreds of businesses. The best part is you don’t need years of experience to succeed in the business. All you need is a good business plan and the determination to start. Some of the service businesses which you can do are:

  • Painting service
  • Film renting
  • Computer servicing and repairs
  • Electronic sales and service
  • Rental service
  • Game centre
  • Computer sales and service
  • Phone/handsets sales and service.
  • Even Planner
  • Interior decorating
  • Photography service
  • . M.C/ Public speaker
  • Consultant service
  • Day-care service
  • Web design/development


Many people are looking for WAEC and JAMB lesson centres, while many people wish to learn how to operate a computer. Once you’ve got the necessary licenses needed to begin, you will understand that the education industry is built on money. With a good business location and conducive environment, you wouldn’t have a problem making an insane amount of money every month.

  • Computer school/ training centre
  • Tutorial service for primary, secondary schools students, SSCE/GCE/JAMB candidates

Health Sector

Health, they say, is wealth. That is why we’ve got a lot of pharmacies, gym centres, yoga centres, and a whole lot of others. The best part is, starting these businesses isn’t complicated. With the funds and location in place, you will never have to worry about money again in your life.

  • Fitness centre
  • Yoga Center
  • Pharmacy


The list above contained business ideas you can start with little capital from home. Before going into any business or any of the ideas listed above, I want you to understand that new businesses and established companies got started as a result of years of dedicated market research, planning, and strategic investment in the contemporary marketplace or business environment. So you are not an exception. It would help if you dedicated your time to do some research and planning.

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